Expedición de certificados. La certificación oficial se realizará en cuanto dispongamos de la acreditación. Se expedirán certificados provisionales a quienes lo soliciten y así lo hayan hecho constar realizando la donación.

Guidelines and recommendations for 
oral communications

1. How to make the video

  1. Although a presenter must appear in all the videos, those that do not meet this requirement will be rejected, you can choose between:
    • Simple personal presentation in front of the camera and without graphic support.
    • Mixed personal presentation, in front of the camera and with slides, with the presenter being able to appear and disappear, the slides are displayed, or remain continuously present on a screen simultaneously with the slides.
  2. The maximum duration of each video will not exceed 8 minutes.
  3. It may be recorded with the desired technical means (Zoom, Meet, Teams or others).
  4. It should be recorded in horizontal format, taking great care of the sound quality.
  5. It should be recorded in horizontal format, taking great care of the sound quality.

2. How to edit and publish

  1. The video must be uploaded to a YouTube account, activating the "Public Visibility" option and keeping it in said account for a period of not less than one year, with the idea that it will appear on the congress website during the entire period that it will be accessible.
  2. Those authors who do not have their own page can create one, taking advantage of the fact that Gmail offers, by default, an associated YouTube account.
  3. Those videos that, for © reasons, are not accepted by YouTube, may be uploaded to another platform that accepts them, although, obviously, they will not be included on the congress website.

2.1 The following link explains how to create an account to upload the video to the conference website on YouTube

How to create an account on Youtube

3. How to upload the video to the conference website
If there are several authors, it will be the "contact signatory" who must attach the video link to the conference website. To do this, you must access the form of your communication, adding said link to it and, later, click on "Publish", thus updating the communication file.

4. How to check that everything is correct
Once the procedure described in the previous section has been carried out, the classroom in which the communication has been included must be accessed, located and entered, thus checking that both the summary and the video appear correctly. In the event that the video has not been uploaded to YouTube, only the corresponding link will appear.