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TeleHealth World Congress

Benefits and risks of health communication

Don Miguel Muñoz Cruzado y Barba

In the sea of confusion that the improper use of ICTs implies for health, Torre del Mar, alluding to its name, is presented as the tower on which the conclusions of this congress, like a beacon, will illuminate sailors in the world of Health Communication.

There is no doubt that, since its birth in the 1970’s the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have made a huge contribution to improving human health. They have provided Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Pharmacy new ways of health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases and rehabilitation of their effects, and are becoming ever more popular. They are employed in both developed, and developing countries, not forgetting the enormous role they are carrying out in those areas of the world where health goods and services are in precarious conditions, by facilitating the actions of remote healthcare professionals when their physical presence is not possible.


But this world of ICTs is not exempt from risks. More often than desired, the information on health issues that appears on the Internet is misunderstood by people who, without proper qualifications, access it. On other occasions, the information offered to citizens is not of adequate quality or is intentionally biased in favor of some objective. This all poses a huge health risk, both for those who misunderstand the information and for those who follow inappropriate advice simply because it comes from the Internet.


An example of this has been witnessed over the last two years; whilst the accumulation of duly contrasted information about the advisability of using anti-COVID vaccines has saturated social networks, it has, however, been heavily attacked by messages to the contrary, which presents an enormous difficulty in the fight against the pandemic.


Under the slogan "Benefits and risks of communication in health", this congress, which will be held on 21-22 October 2022, aims to be a world forum for professionals from the various health sciences that use ICTs, and communication professionals linked to health issues or interested in them. It will analyze the pros and cons of this form of health care and the benefits and harm that the media and social networks represent in the development of human health, especially highlighted during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Since it is global in nature, the congress will have a completel session, in which which for 24 hours the communications, which will be broadcast simultaneously , from the various virtual rooms called Tele-Medicine, Tele-Nursing, Tele-Physiotherapy, Tele-Therapy, Occupational, Tele-Psychology, Tele-Pharmacy and Communication during the Covid 19 Pandemic; in each of them the specific communications of each discipline will be presented. Likewise, following the chronological order specified in the program, round tables will be held on each of the subjects already mentioned, which may be followed in person by those registered who wish to do so until the full available capacity is reached and by streaming, via the congress platform to anywhere in the world.


It should also be noted that the communications and round tables will be recorded, so that those registered who have not been able to attend due to a clash with other activities, will be able to access them session later.


Communications may be presented orally or in poster format. In both cases, one of the authors will have to be virtually present on the day and time to be advised to further explain that the content of their communication were it necessary.


Registration for this conference is absolutely free. For anyone that requires a participation certificate, which should be requested in advance to enable the organisation to verify attendance, they will need to make the donation of 10 euros to the Spanish Association of Health Communication (AECS).


Attendance in person at the conference venue will only be possible for those who have requested it in advance and until the capacity of the room is complete; And at the time of registration they must make a donation of 10 euros to the Spanish Association of Health Communication (AECS) for each of the sessions they wish to attend (10 euros for attendance on Thursday and 10 euros for Friday's).

Congreso médico streaming

The Congress is aimed at:

  • Graduates, postgraduates, graduates and all students who are enrolled in the national and international university education system related to Health Sciences, Communication and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Health professionals, experts, health technology providers, public and private, health workersin management, promotion, prevention, diagnosis, palliative care, treatment, follow-up and/or rehabilitation.
  • Usuarios e interesados en cualquiera de las ciencias objetos del congreso y la Investigación Sanitaria.
Fachada de Azucarera

The venue for the face-to-face session will be the Centro Cultural Nuestra Señora del Carmen at the Old Sugar Factory ‘Antigua Azucarera’ Torre del Mar (Málaga. Spain).

In recognition of the excellence of this congress, its Scientific Committee will submit to peer review the summaries of the communications that are sent, having prepared a list of specific topics that may be discussed during the development of the activity; this list may be expanded in the event that some other topic not included in this list is of interest to the Health Communication, in which case, potential authors are requested to send their communication to be duly evaluated and included, if the Committee Scientist deemed it convenient.

The organisation encourages the participation of all Health and Communication professionals from around the world, as well as the dissemination of this meeting, in the certainty that the conclusions reached will serve to improve the development of human life.

  • 20 y 21 de Octubre.
  • Torre del Mar, Málaga
  • Face-to-face
  • On line
  • Streaming