Expedición de certificados. La certificación oficial se realizará en cuanto dispongamos de la acreditación. Se expedirán certificados provisionales a quienes lo soliciten y así lo hayan hecho constar realizando la donación.

Benefits for Participants

The Organizing Committee has submitted the request for accreditation of this congress to the Office of Accreditation of Continuing Education Activities of the Health Professions of the Junta de Andalucía, which will grant the corresponding credits.

a) Although session participation in the congress is absolutely free, those who request it at the time of registration may receive their corresponding certificate; for this they must:

  • Having made a donation of 10 euros to the Spanish Association of Health Communication.
  • Have participated, answering the questions that the organization has established to control this section. If they do not meet this requirement, even if they have made the donation, they will not be able to receive the certificate.

b) All communicators whose work summary has been accepted by the Scientific Committee and subsequently presented at the congress, will receive the corresponding certificate of participation, and their work will be included in the Book which will be published in the Spanish Journal of Health Communication RECS (digital).

c) The authors of the communications who so wish may publish the full texts of their communications as journal articles in the RECS, provided that they adapt their texts to the standards of this journal contained in

  • 20 y 21 de Octubre.
  • Torre del Mar, Málaga
  • Face-to-face
  • On line
  • Streaming