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TeleHealth World Congress

Benefits and risks of health communication

Don Miguel Muñoz Cruzado y Barba

In the sea of confusion that the improper use of ICTs implies for health, Torre del Mar, alluding to its name, is presented as the tower on which the conclusions of this congress, like a beacon, will illuminate sailors in the world of Health Communication.

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  • 20 y 21 de Octubre.
  • Torre del Mar, Málaga
  • Face-to-face
  • On line
  • Streaming


Adapted to the times

There is no doubt that, since its birth in the 1970’s the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have made a huge contribution to improving human health.

They have provided Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Pharmacy new ways of health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases and rehabilitation of their effects, and are becoming ever more popular. They are employed in both developed, and developing countries, not forgetting the enormous role they are carrying out in those areas of the world where health goods and services are in precarious conditions, by facilitating the actions of remote healthcare professionals when their physical presence is not possible.However, these benefits are not without risk.

Congreso médico streaming

The Congress is aimed at:

  • Graduates, postgraduates, graduates and all students who are enrolled in the national and international university education system related to Health Sciences, Communication and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Health professionals, experts, health technology providers, public and private, health workersin management, promotion, prevention, diagnosis, palliative care, treatment, follow-up and/or rehabilitation.
  • Users and those interested in any of the sciences covered by the congress and Health Research.